Paleo Gluten-Free Challenge

I’ve come with a little homework for myself to keep my mind sharp.  On this page you can give me a challenge to give me a food and I create a suitable equivalent.  I think its fun trying new recipes, coming up with ones that fit paleo and gluten free that are the basically the same as  what my non-paleo gluten-free family enjoys.

So come and bring it on!  Give me some challenges!  I may win, I may lose but I will post all my findings and steps along with pictures of the challenges!

I wish myself good luck!


7 thoughts on “Paleo Gluten-Free Challenge

  1. It would be awesome to have a way to eat “real” enchiladas. Nothing beats the rolled corn tortillas, the sauce, cheese, onions, etc… So far, I have found this recipe to be impossible. Good luck!

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