Coconut Milk Yogurt… more of a science than process

Okay lesson learned on making coconut milk yogurt, although it tastes great, there are no binding proteins in it like in cow or goat’s milk, with that said, my yogurt is kinda soupy.

I have a video of how the yogurt came out at:

I had some with honey in it and it was fantastic. I am currently hanging the yogurt in cheese cloth in the refrigerator over night to try to get some of the water out of it that will make it thicker. If it hang it overnight on a counter, it will be cream cheese, I don’t want that so I will try to do it in the refrigerator.

New mission: Figure out how to bind the coconut milk during the cooking processing. these are my options: Arrowroot, agre, gelatin. I think i’m going to try 2 things, first I’m going to make another batch by putting the coconut milk in the frig for 24, then drain the milk off and only use the solid fatty part. I think it will cut my batch in half though so I’ll use 4 cans of coconut milk. If this doesn’t work, I’ll do the arrowroot thickening.

I guess this is part one of my yogurt adventure.


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