Becoming self aware a little every day

I certainly know that every day is an adventure when you’re trying to lose weight, but if you decide to look at the journey as an awakening experience instead of a job or a problem, you begin to grow as a person. I know I have when it comes to understanding my inner-being and my inner-self. I know exactly why I overeat, when I’m going to, my triggers, the time and the triggering of my self-loathing. The issues comes when even though I know if I eat this or that those horrible adverse feelings will happen and I start to mentally abuse myself. And usually, I make the decision to put that trigger into my mouth and I get such satisfaction from tasting the food the consequences don’t matter until I swallow. Once that happens, the instant I swallow, I have regrets but there is no turning back, once its past the throat, BAM, you’re committed, time for the realization to hit and dealing with your stupidity is first priority.

You may ask how I deal with this idiocracy? I cook. I prepare foods I can indulge in, like Paleo brownies, breakfast bars, buns I am able to eat, its important I can grab and eat as I please without having to wait to cook all the time.

With that said I made myself Paleo coconut yogurt today!!! So proud of myself.

Here’s what it looks like:





2 cans Thai Kitchen coconut milk, unsweetened any kind as long as its over 20% fat
1.5 oz. egg white powder, or 40 g
1 tsp Yogurt Culture


1. Combine coconut milk/cream and egg white powder in a medium saucepan. You’ll have some lumps.

2. Gently heat to 110 degrees F.

3. Place 1 tablespoon coconut mixture in a clean cup. Add the culture powder and stir until it forms a (lumpy) paste. Add a little more coconut milk then stir the culture into the main saucepan.

4. Pour into glass jars and top with a lid.

5. Place in a chiller bag wrapped in towels and leave in a warm place for about 12 hours.

6. Put in the fridge and leave for another day before eating.

Happy Eating!!


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