Keeping up with blogging… NOT

It has been very hard to keep up this blog since I haven’t been dieting, good news is that I have not gained much weight back.  I stopped dieting at 137 I’m currently at 142 my goal is to be 120lbs.  Man 22 lbs to go.  It’s Easter weekend, or rather should I say, Easter MONTH… Hello marshmallow peeps, chocolate by the gallon and tons, then there’s the food.  Needless to say I’m not starting back on Paleo until Monday.  However, I will update you on a lot that has happened in the many months I’ve been on hiatus.

Went to Canada in February and broke my wrist there, I’m still in a splint for a few more weeks which meant no hot yoga since February and it’s now almost April.  I’m frustrated at that and I’m just beginning to be able to type normally.  Secondly, I’ve been addicted to Pepsi again, man that stuff is a drug I’m telling you.

Okay, so basically I’ve been feeling like crap.  I mean my whole body aches from my nose to my toes.  I’ve been taking pain meds to deal with the aching, not only for the broken wrist but my whole body.  I’ve come to the conclusion that going off Paleo makes my body ache.  There are times I can’t even move my arms or my neck and can barely walk, let alone get out of bed.  I have no choice because I have a 3 and 2 year old and I have to just keep going when all I want to do is stay in bed all day.  Okay I said it.

When I was Paleo, grain and sugar free, I seriously felt like I was 20 years old.  Why is it I keep falling back into my bad eating habits?  Partly because I have a husband that loves junk food and eating out, partly because I have kids that love candy, and mostly because I’m weak.  I love junk food, I eat popcorn in bed while reading, I like to munch when I’m studying, I’m particularly addicted to Pepsi and once it touches my lips I can’t resist.  That is going to be the hardest part of going back to Paleo, no more Pepsi.  although I used to drink almost 2 liters of the stuff a day, I now only drink maybe 10 oz a day but even then it really feels like a fix.  I guess I’ll have to keep some wine around the house so I can sip on that when I really really need a Pepsi.  Funny thing is that I love unsweetened ice tea and I don’t know why I don’t just get that… Yes I do, its the damn Pepsi company that puts addicting something in the darn thing which shouldn’t be legal.  Drinking Pepsi is no different to me than being addicted to alcoholic beverages except its perfectly legal to drink and drive. I know I’m addicted to the sugar or fructose in it.  I have no medical confirmation on that, it’s only my assessment.

Alright I got all that off my chest, just like AA, I needed to be honest with myself.  Now I have to look forward to headaches for a week while I detox off Pepsi, oh joy.  Sad when you know what’s coming.  It makes it harder to jump in and do it.  Next I’ll be starting the daily food journal and blogging along with recipes and pics.  I really loved doing this blog and enjoyed hearing from people who followed my progress, I hope I will get more followers and that my old ones get rekindled.  I am sorry that I was away for so long but sometimes with a weight loss journey, like any other journey, you take the wrong path and need to find your way out of the woods.  I see the trail and daylight is just ahead.

Step 1.  Start reapplying Journal and My user name is Claudia778

Step 2. Start Hot Yoga again

Step 3. Start eating Paleo again

Step 4. Reach my weight goal of 120 lbs by my Anniversary on October 20, 2013.

Happy Eating!


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