Another brutally honest post..

Okay this past weekend I’ve been “taking a break” from paleo. Let’s be honest, I’ve been disappointed that my scale has once again decided not to move. And in reality I am just getting over my period, which means cravings, weight gain, bloating and generally feeling like SHIT. My husband notices I’m miserable. I have decreased interested in school and my kids activities. I need to start getting back to where I was 3 weeks ago and not physically but mentally.

I know I have skewed body image since my Bulimia days and I’m going through a lot of those thoughts lately for reasons I can’t explain. I read a blog that was posted on my Facebook newsfeed.

This really opened my eyes to my feelings about my body image and my obsessions with the scale and my weight, drudging up more unpleasant thoughts that chocolate can’t cure. Tomorrow I will be resetting my goals:

1. Improve attitude
2. Improve self body image
3. Improve healthy eating
4. Research carbs with woman
5. Consider adding sprouted bread or rice to diet
6. Increase water consumption
7. Refocus on my eating and cooking. I’ve lost this since my husband has started his 15 week diet and I’ve been focused on his diet and cooking for his diet.

Goal number 2 is something I’m going to have to really explore, for God’s sake, I’ve lost 6 pant sizes! Why doesn’t this make me incredible happy? Well, it does. But its like anything else in life, once you attain something you need more.

I’ve noticed lately that my blogs have not been uplifting, this is the reason I’ve started this blog in the first place, to keep myself in check in all aspects of this diet, my attitude, and mental state during a very very hard weight loss journey. Funny thing about a weight loss journey, its not just physical, its 10% physical and 90% mental.

I’ve started going to a gym, well actually 2 gyms, one for me and one for the family. I’m going to really focus on going to these places and working out to combat my stress. Let’s address my stress, I should not have this much stress, my life really doesn’t warrant it. I have a great family, great kids, and lets face it, even though I complain my schedule could be worse. My schedule is tough but not unmanageable so I have to stop this negativity and refocus on the positive.

Good night, happy eating!


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