Weight loss confessions good and bad…

Okay here it goes, at a weight loss of 24 lbs I:

1. Have so much energy I don’t know what to do with
2. My upper thighs don’t rub together when I walk 🙂
3. When I lay on my side and pull my legs toward my stomach, I can feel my butt bone {I was beginning to think I
didn’t have one anymore}
4. When I take a bath, I fit in the tub {honestly I didn’t there for a while}
5. I can look in a full length mirror again, or at my reflection in a window when I walk past it


1. That my stomach skin will hang to my knees for the rest of my life
2. My boobs will deflate and hang to my knees resting on my stomach skin bouncing off my knees
3. My new energy is on the verge of insomnia
4. My weight loss will revive the anorexia and Bulimia demons I’ve buried so long ago
5. I may get impatient with the scale and stop eating
6. I fear my children will have the same weight loss challenges as me when they grow up

Some of this stuff really needed to be put out there. We all have achievements and the fears sometimes get in the way of our mental progress during our weight loss journey. Our fears should not be something we are ashamed of. If we don’t face them, we can’t conquer them.


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