Weight Loss Update and other thoughts

Okay so I finally joined a gym well, actually 2. Yes crazy, except one gym is for me and the other was for the kids but it was more economically sensible to get a family membership which is at the Y so I now have access to 2 places that offer babysitting, classes, swimming, racketball, and a bunch of other things. So I took my first “total body” class on Thursday, for the last two days I have not been able to walk and have popping aspirin like candy!! Tonight I can finally walk! Also, I am down to 143 lbs which is making me very happy.

I am seeing the weight come off very slowly like a pound every other week but my body shape is really changing. Being in a size 9/10 makes me so happy. Tonight I decided to make choc. chip cookies again-paleo of course. This time the recipe came out really good, I didn’t have to spoon out the batter, I was able to ball it and flatten out the dough in the palm of my hand. I don’t know what I did the last time when I posted the recipe but hay as long as they taste good who cares?

My scheduled is going to get really crazy, my son is starting pre-school, my daughter is taking gymnastics, my son is taking swimming classes, my son and daughter also does classes at MyGym.. Oh man. Monday my son takes swimming at 10:00 a.m. and monday night we go to the park where my husband plays basket ball, Tuesday is my 2nd total body toning class we will have to see how that goes, tuesday night is date night because we decided we needed to spend more time together alone… “ding” cookies are done 🙂 Wednesday night I drop my son off with his dad at his shop and my daughter takes gymnastics, thursday at 9:30 I drop my son off at school and head to the gym for another body toning session, right after back to pick my son up from school, then lunch, then naps, then 4:00 to 6:15 is the kids MyGym, then right after that is the park for more Basketball and play session, then dinner then passout time, then Friday dog to the groomers…. Oh man I need to breathe, good thing I have an iPhone and it yells at me everytime I have something to do!

Hubby out to get a movie and having a family movie night tonight 🙂 so everyone please have a great night!

Happy Eating!


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