A new spin on breakfast.

This is so wonderful you have to try it. You remember eggs in a basket where you cut a hole in a piece of bread butter it, place it in a fry pan and crack an egg in the middle and cook it? I loved these when I was a kid, well here’s a grownup version and I love it, so tasty!

Just make sure you make the pepper slice thick enough to hold the egg white, if its too thin the egg white will leak from under the pepper. To add more color use 3 eggs make one with red pepper one with yellow or orange pepper and the other with green pepper, this also works with just the egg whites, if you use just the egg whites you can chop up some tomato into small pieces and place it in the middle of the egg white to add color or use your imagination, cucumbers, zucchini, anything you can chop up small or put a small mushroom cap in the middle that would look awesome! Be creative.

Happy eating!


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