In search of bread.

So I’ve been in search of the perfect bread that is gluten free, wheat free, flour free, soy free, until now the closest I came was the Coconut Flour Bread from Julian Bakery in California. Although it looks like bread and doesn’t taste bad, it still leaves a lot to be desired regarding the texture. So my hunt continues. I was wondering if there was a bread that didn’t use coconut or almond flour. The only flour I could think of is tapioca flour.

I did some research about how the flour is used. In other countries, such as Brazil, they use tapioca as basis for breads. The name for their bread is Pan de Queso. There is a boxed mix but the ingredients are: Ingredients Manioc starch, modified manioc starch, hydrogenated vegetable fat, milk whey, glucose syrup, salt, whole milk, maltodextrin, cheese, corn starch, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, flavoring: natural and similar as natural and artificial flavoring, flavor enhancer: (621), food acid (lactic acid-270), stabilizer: (potassium phosphate, dibasic-339), anticaking agent (calcium phosphate, tribasic-341), emulsifier (mono & diglycerides of fatty acids-471) and (sodium phosphate, monobasic-339) and antioxidant – alfa- tocopherol-307. Gluten free.

The basic premise of the Paleo lifestyle is to avoid processing your foods as much as possible. Once I saw Maltodetrin, anything hydrogenated and flavor enhancers I knew I had to figure out how to make this bread without it. Well I did, they are not doughey like the prepackaged ones, but I really like them. Here is the end product:

They smelled incredible when they were baking, cheesy and garlicky like the biscuits from Red Lobster. When I took them out of the oven I was surprised that they were hard like a merangue and they, despite having some oil on the bottom of the sheet, they were a little tough to loosen from the pan, however they were not burnt. When I cut them when they were hot they were gooey and stringy, I tasted them and they were light, the outside actually tasted like a potato chip!

The bottom of the biscuits

Oh I also have to mention that in Brazil they use soy milk, however being Paleo, we don’t use soy so I substituted coconut milk, I didn’t use the can I used the box, I don’t know if there is a difference because the can is much thicker than the boxed coconut milk. Next time I make these I will try the canned milk, if it is better, or if anyone uses the can before I do, let me know!

I decided to try the biscuits when they were cool, I cut one in half and you can definitely use these as sandwich bread! I put in between the bread some slices of pepperoni and oh my it was sooo good only thing I wish I had was some pizza sauce to dip in. HAY! I just thought of something that you can make one large “biscuit” and use it as pizza dough!!!!!!! I’m on a roll here.

Another suggestion I have is that I would add some fresh chives to the mix.

So, I highly recommend you trying these biscuits I posted the recipe in my recipe file and please note that these are extremely filling and after eating 2 of them I feel like puking!

UPDATE: The next day I decided to make a sandwich out of the biscuits I cut it in half, put roasted chicken breast, lettuce and ‘mayo’ on it and it was delicious!!! wahoo I have my sandwiches back 🙂

Happy eating.


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