I can’t belive I made my own ketchup!

So like every good Paleo lifer one of the first books I bought was The Primal Blueprint. In it was the recipe for Primal 51 Ketchup boasting how it tastes just like Heinz 51 Ketchup and that their recipe is “kid-approved”. First time I made it the vinegar was so strong my tongue curled! That was it for my ketchup making days. I stuck with Heinz, either Simply Heinz or Heinz Organic. My husband is on a diet now and he has to restrict his salt and sugar intake. He kept saying that he wishes he could have ketchup. So today I decided to have a go at it again.

This time it came out wonderful!!! I did alter the original recipe…a lot. Instead of 2/3 cups of vinegar I used a little less than 1/3 cup [trick is using less is best you can always add you can never take away REMEMBER THAT!] I also didn’t use salt and instead of using a whopping 3 tablespoons of honey, i cut it to 1 tablespoon and added chili powder to replace the lack of sugar and salt. Remember this recipe is not exact and the best way is keep tasting it, it may need more chili or more less honey or vinegar, just remember if that happens you just add another 6 oz can of tomato paste then start adding again.

Another note about tomato paste, look at the ingredients!!!!! a lot of them have salt and sugar. I noticed if there is garlic flavor or Italian flavor there is high fructose corn syrup added. Just sayin’.

The jar I made is 53 servings, and I put it in the ketchup bottle I was going to throw away. I posted the recipe in my recipe section I hope you enjoy the recipe as I am.


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