Now that’s primal baby!

Last night was date night with the hubby and we went to Doc Margrogan’s Oyster House.  Now I have to tell you I never ate a raw oyster but was tempted plenty of times then it came to my lips and it just looked so slimy I couldn’t do it.  We walked into the restaurant and immediately to the right was raw bar, they looked so good and the oysters were flying off the bar, being whisked to tables.  The shuckers couldn’t keep up with the wait staff.

I was determined to try one.  When we sat down I asked the waiter if I could just buy one oyster, he said you can they were 2.05 a piece and you had about 8 different types of oysters to chose from with different tastes.  I chose the ones that come from CT.  And here it is.

  Okay okay you caught me I’m a Paleo cheat, I had a tootie fruity girly drink last night too 🙂  Anyway my husband snapped a shot of me “in action” eating the oyster for the first time.

My husband laughs at this picture because he says it looks like I’m going to puke.  And well, maybe I was a little.  The oyster came with 2 sauces, seafood sauce and Mignonette sauce, a vinegar sauce which was garlic and oniony with pieces of onions in it.  It was VERY strong vinegar, it may have been some type of fermented wine based sauce.  You only needed a drop.  So I squeezed my lemon into the shell and put a drop of the mignonette sauce on it threw it back.  The server said you were supposed to bite the oyster once and swallow it, I wanted to taste it so I chewed it, which wasn’t much because it was buttery, and very tender it just melted in your mouth, yet not salty as I expected it to be.  LET ME TELL YOU PEOPLE IT WAS WONDERFUL!

This is what I ended up ordering as my dinner.

This was a 1/2 appetizer that came with 5 pieces of lump crab meat, 4 crab claws, 4 jumbo shrimp, 6 raw oysters and 6 raw clams.  I started to get scared with the raw clams.  I tried the raw clam with a little bit of the seafood sauce, right off the bat smelled that the clams were more fishy than the oyster, that’s why I decided to use the seafood sauce.  I ate the raw clam and let me tell you guys I don’t think I’d ever eat a steamed clam again!  They were so tender, yes a bit fishy, but MUCH better raw than cooked!  I’m am so surprised that I like the raw stuff!  Now the little crab claws didn’t have much meat on them and were even more fishy than the raw clams, I still ate them but not my favorite.  Over all I will definitely be ordering raw clams and oysters in the future!

Happy Eating!


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