Going away and eating… disaster?

Well it really doesn’t have to be.  However, You ARE bound to slip up.  You’re in a new city with new food, new tastes, yadda yadda yadda… today I did slip up.  I was will-powering me not to. Here’s my story.

I’m in Columbus Ohio on a weekend vacation so I took the kids to a restaurant for breakfast called Chicken and Eggs.  Got the kids scrambled eggs, sausage, home fries and toast.  My husband got their biscuits and sausage gravy.  I didn’t order anything, he hates when I don’t get eat with him.  The biscuits looked really good and my husband insisted on me trying some, he gave me a VERY little on the fork and it was really good.

He left for his business and I was left with the place of the biscuits and gravy staring at me, and staring, and staring, and staring, until finally I took a bite, then another and another and before I knew it it was gone.  I was so angry with myself that I decided to eat the kids toast!  This is how it happens with me.  Carbs are an addiction for me.  Once I start I can’t stop.  It becomes a full out, mouth stuffing, not bothering to swallow, gulping fest.  I’m still trying not to beat myself up over this.  Then I go shopping at CVS Pharmacy for some stuff for the kids and I see Hershey Temptations.  They had samples that came in a small pack.  I thought there would be 2 in a pack but no there was three, so what do I do?  Give one to Nathan, one to Ali and one for me, and I do the same with the other package… What the hell why not I already screwed my eating up today with the damned biscuits right?

This is how my downward spiral begins.  I was determined to eat at Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace, this place is really famous and I knew I could have hot dogs with no buns.  I’m determined to stop the spiral here and now.  I find Dirty Frank’s and there is a line as I expected so we had to wait.  To my surprise I was able to get my hot dogs on romaine lettuce.  This place was the best!

My Kids had the mac n cheese with octopus hot dogs.  I wasn’t even tempted to eat any, but Nathan ate both his and Ali’s mac n cheese.  Ali ate both hot dogs so it worked out well.

The rest of the weekend was a bust, I ate an ice cream sandwich which wasn’t big but still ate it, then I had mashed garlic potatoes, and some kind s very thin flat bread with Mozza and Tomatoes, all was very very good, this is what happens when you go on vacation and you have to eat at a fancy restaurant.  Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Even after all my crappy eating over the weekend I only gained 1 lb because I walked most of it off, that is also what you do on vacation.  So when you do what I do, cheer up, when you return a new day begins and you start all over.

Happy Eating!


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