What is Willpower?

According to Wikipedia, Willpower may refer to:

  • Self discipline, training and control of oneself and one’s conduct, usually for personal improvement
  • Self control, the ability of a person to exert his/her will over the inhibitions of their body or self
  • Will (philosophy), a philosophical concept

My perception of willpower is taking the kids to KFC and not ordering anything, or making scrumptious mashed potatoes or Mac n Cheese, and not eating any.  I guess that would fall under self control, it definitely shows my will over my inhibitions of my body and self.  Is it philosophical?  No way.  Willpower is a dirty word in the diet world.

For an example, if I have some ice cream do I lose my willpower?  NO, its simply a choice I made to eat it.  Do I lack self discipline if I do?  Probably.  In other words people look at me and my weight and see me eating an ice cream and think “man she has no willpower”.  

I have willpower, I demonstrated that this afternoon when I went to KFC with my children and let them eat while I sat there with nothing in front of me.  I show willpower every time I open my refrigerator and see the left over KFC and I don’t eat it.  Its not my willpower that makes me eat carbs, its my choice to do so. 

I’m upset today because I haven’t lost weight in a week and a half, as a matter a fact I went up 2 lbs.  I have not even cheated.  My body is my worse enemy.  It does what it wants to, not what I will it to.

I’ve chosen not to eat today because I feel fasting is the only way to jump start my weight loss back. I actually don’t know how to jump start it cause it just stopped.  I wish I knew what to do to get it started again.  

Through this blog I will find out what is done to make the weight loss and what is done to thwart it.  It is my intention to document it so I know for the future.


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