My weight loss tools

I think its important that I let everyone know what weight loss tool I use and why.  One of the most annoying tools is keeping a journal [as I type my blog, hahahaha] well, for beginner dieters that is.  I hated doing it, in the book stores you find a very nice spiral bound book you can write in your breakfast, lunch and dinner foods, your snacks and cross off your water.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an ideal way to keep track of your food. Trust me, you are not going to lug that stupid book around with you everywhere you go, to every restaurant, work, I want to see where you put it when you exercise!  Not to mention they never ever give you enough room to complete your diary so you are stuck abbreviating and you go back to see your progress, you can’t even read your own journal.  So, with the invention of the smart phone you can have the little spiral note-book in the palm of you ear.  But what app to choose?  there are thousands of them and more popping up daily.

When I first began this weight loss journey, my friend Nikki, facebooked me and said she used and said for me to sign up and friend her, she said everyone on the site is super supportive and helpful.  So I did and let me tell you, I love this site, they have an app too so it’s with me everywhere I go.  It’s so easy to use, and everyone is so encouraging, there’s a place to enter your recipe, just enter the ingredients and it works out all the nutrition per serving right for you so you can add it to your daily food diary.  There is also a place to enter your exercise, both cardio and strength training. Oh, and its free.  Yes some things in life are still free can you believe it?  But, if I had to pay for this website, I’d pay.

The next tool I use is an app called, RunKeeper.  This app was recommended to me by my husband’s friend Mario.  He is an avid runner but what I found in this app is that it has GPS capability and the ability to pick your exercises, like running, walking, swimming, mountain biking, hiking, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, cycling, skating, wheelchair, rowing, elliptical and one for ‘other’ to manually put in the exercise.  Its voice enabled so every 5 min you hear your progress of your workout.  I love it too.  They have a free and pay version.  I use the free one, the pay one you can really customize, but I don’t exercise enough to utilize that type customization.

My meals and baking came from a lot of research from a lot of different Paleo and Gluten Free websites.  One of the websites I use most is  She really got me looking how to cook and bake so I can have a version of what ever I’m making for my family.  Is it rough being the only one on a diet in the house?  Yes, but my food is usually a whole lot easier to make than theirs and guess what?  Theirs come in a box!  My stuff is all fresh.  Sometimes I’m even able to just use what I make for them and eliminate the starch portion, no biggie.

The reason I entitled this blog “The Imperfect Diet” is that I simply can’t say I live the Paleo life style.  Yes, I’m gluten-free but even gluten-free isn’t Paleo.  Paleo is strict, I’m actually contemplating whether or not to stop eating Legumes.  According to Dr. Loren Cordain. One of the world’s leading experts on Paleolithic diets, and a member of the faculty of the department of health and exercise science at Colorado State University, and author of “The Paleo Diet” claims,  “legumes, just like grains, contain lectins and other compounds that were developed by plants to fight off insects. These lectins increase intestinal permeability and may trigger your immune system to turn against your own body, leading to autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus and vitiligo.”  Basically, legumes have this substance that inhibits your body from absorbing the nutrients from the food you ingest.  Because I do eat them, I guess I’m not considered a true Paleo.  But while doing research I realize that there are many forms of Paleo as there are vegetarians, so I guess it just depends how Paleo you are.  Simply put, I’m doing what works for me and my body.

In case your wonder, the Legume family includes: Anything that has a pod.  For example, string beans, peas, fava beans, garbanzo beans, chick peas, soy beans [which are supposed to be the worse of the legume family], and the 19 bean varieties:  northern, pinto, large lima, blackeye, baby lima, green split pea, kidney, cranberry bean, small white, pink bean, small red, yellow split pea, lentil, navy, white kidney, black bean, pearl barley and scarlet runner.  The only exceptions are sugar snap peas and snow peas because they are in their infant stage when consumed [you eat the pod], that the there are only trace amounts of lectins, not enough to harm your gut and intestine.

Oh I utilize facebook as my visual diary!  I take pictures of every thing I eat and post it. It keeps me in line and everyone loves my food porn and can’t wait to see what I eat every day.  If I don’t post a meal, I’m getting posts asking what I ate!  This is how this blog actually came about.  Starting tomorrow, Uhhh, today, I will be posting my daily menu that will include what I ate, a picture of my plates, and under recipes, you will have the recipes, I have a month of recipes to catch up on so many of my past ones will eventually be posted.  It will just take some time so bear with me.

Well, Its 12:40 a.m. eastern time, I better get to bed, my daughter is due to get up in 2 hours maybe my son too so I better get a little sleep.  Good night all.


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