I am so excited!

In May of this year I visited California.  I decided I needed to lose weight there after seeing a video of me riding a mechanical bull, I had fun but I couldn’t tell which was me and which was the bull!  I also came across an advertisement for Julian Bakery.  They advertised their upcoming new department called Paleo Bread.  Their website address is julianbakery.com and it specializes in Low Carb, Gluten-Free, Yeast Free, Sugar Free, Dairy Free and Vegan baked goods.  Their Paleo Bread division was scheduled to go online on June 29, 2012.  I hurried up and signed up for an e-mail when they were ready to take orders.  On June 29th I got that e-mail and immediately ordered two loaves of bread.  One Almond Flour based and one Coconut Flour based.  The two breads cost about $11.00 but the shipping for both was $13.00.  I thought to myself, this bread better be good.  Anyway, my desire for a sandwich had overcome my pocket book and I did order them.  I got the e-mail today that they are shipping!!  It only took 3 weeks!  They ship 2nd day, the bread must be refrigerated or froze.

This is explained on the website in more detail.  I also checked out their other baked goods.  I found a product called Zero Cookies.  They come in ginger spice, coco delight, and strawberry banana.  I’m dying to try them too!  When the bread arrives I will be sure to update you on taste and texture complete with photos!


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