Why this blog?

I’m starting this blog because of the encouragement of my husband, I started a diet called Paleo. Paleo is a life style that is described as:

Paleo is short for Paleolithic and has been gaining momentum recently, as more people are avoiding wheat and gluten, choosing foods with a low glycemic index, and in general looking to eat more whole foods rather than processed stuff. There’s a trend toward going back to basics — and in the case of Paleo, the very basics.
The Paleo diet is eons old (although proponents would rather refer to it as a lifestyle.  It’s essentially all about eating the foods that have been available to humans for most of our evolutionary history: meats raised on their natural forage, seafood, eggs, fibrous vegetables and greens, nuts and seeds, healthy fats and some fruit — all things that would have been recognizable as food to our most primitive ancestors. It’s about “focusing your choices on real, whole foods that are more nutritionally dense and less detrimental to your health,” says Cain Credicott, Bend resident and author/publisher of Paleo Magazine.

Under the Paleo plan, you must avoid refined sugar, processed foods and most conventional dairy products. But the plan also excludes all grains and legumes, which seems contrary to what you might think. Whole grains and legumes, such as beans, are supposed to be healthful, right? Well, Paleo proponents say that these foods are relatively new to the human species and that we are generally quite ill-suited to consume them.  Basically Paelo is Gluten-Free on steroids.  You see the restrictions and ask “ARE YOU NUTS?”

With all the media attention on “gluten free” foods and wheat allergy, its not suprising people are beginning to understand the effects of wheat and their byproducts on our bodies.

There will always be skeptics towards the Paleo life style as well as vegans and the like but this blog takes you through the journey of a regular woman struggling to lose 50lbs.

On June 1, 2012 I started a life style called Paleo, today’s date is July 16, 2012, since then I have lost 15 lbs by cutting out wheat and wheat byproducts, gluten, most refined sugar and flour.

I plan on blogging daily about my feelings, my daily menu and exercise.  I use tools to help me keep in line.  As the age old saying goes in the diet world, it is necessary to keep a food log and yes it is.


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